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Cie. Nomatia/ Piero

Piero is a circus author, educator and performer from Cologne/Berlin. Trained in contemporary circus in Germany and other European countries (f.x. école du cirque Baltazar, Montpellier in 2014), his physical performances combine contemporary juggling with elements from art forms such as music, dance and visual arts. In order to explore boundaries and interfaces between the different performing arts, T.D. participates in a series of artistic laboratories. The current focus of his work and interest is the exploration of a ’new materialism‘ and with it, the development of stage and site specific pieces that encourage sensing / reflection.
He is a founding member of Cie. Nomatia, performer of the pieces Dodai & Superorganism by Cie. criticalmess, author of the publication „Circus & Personality Development […]“, as well as a member of the Bundesinitiative Zeitgenössischer Zirkus e.V..